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Getting the Competencies Right

Whether you call it Competency Modeling or Success Profiling it is critical to select competencies that actually differentiate performance in current and future roles.  Far too many organizations believe a single list of competencies, applied to all, will focus the organization and achieve results.

What delivers results in a Manager role is quite a bit different than what drives success for a Director or Executive.   Some competencies may be the same but each role has specific competencies that add unique value in the role.  The only competencies that will apply to everyone are those that align with organizational values and the culture, not performance.

To deliver performance competencies must align with the role and level in the organization.  Each level in the management hierarchy has unique work and accountabilities that leverage different competencies.  Selecting the “right” competencies is the foundation of all talent management processes and the only way to ever achieve an ROI on your talent investment.

We bring deep knowledge of the research for creating fact-based, high impact success profiles that are adapted to the size and complexity of your organization. We help you explore your options for the level of rigor that can be applied to the competency modeling process – from simple executive card sorts to mapping competencies to strategy and values to conducting regression analysis on top performers to deep role analysis.

Our goal is to help you build a solid foundation for applying competencies within your talent management system including talent acquisition, L&D, performance and succession.

We also help you review the issues and benefits of choosing the competency library to include in a performance management system.


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