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Our team has provided competency-based feedback and coaching to over 3,000 managers and executives. Unlike other large-scale talent management initiatives, coaching is a very personal engagement.  Our diversity of style and experience across our coaching resources ensures the best fit.

We believe the most successful coaching engagements engage all of the dimensions that people bring that contribute to, or when out of alignment, inhibit their success:

  • Behavior/Competencies – the unique blend of talents, skill, knowledge and personal attributes that are leveraged in doing work and building relationships
  • Motivation – the values, beliefs and inspirational source of performance and achievement
  • Cognitive Power – application of reasoning and experience-based judgment in solving increasingly complex problems
  • Social-Emotional Stance – confidence, presence and interpersonal maturity
  • Learning Agility – the ability to adapt to new concepts, tasks, situations and people
  • Work Mastery – the ability to do the work at the level of mastery required

When coaching for improvement in current roles the underlying causes of ineffectiveness may lie in motivation, emotional maturity or poor fit to the cognitive demands of the role. When coaching to prepare one for future leadership roles the entire breadth of personality, maturity, experience, adaptability, cognitive capacity, aspirations and behavior may need to be aligned or developed to the meet demands, challenges and stressors of these higher levels of management and leadership.

We have worked with Executive Leadership team’s and high potentials on three continents including:

  • Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management Division
  • Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Emerson Process Management
  • OSF Health Care
  • Blood Center of Wisconsin
  • Follett Corporation
  • Synovus Financial
  • Avnet
  • Johnson Financial
  • IDEX
  • Marshall & Ilsley Financial
  • CME Group
  • Actuant
  • QuadGraphics
  • Spectrum Health Management

As experts in a variety of assessments and development technologies we believe there is great promise in sequential, multi-year coaching engagements that allow a phased approach to assessment and development the whole person as they mature over time.  Our team is certified in the following development tools:

  • VOICES 360 Multi-Rater Assessment
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • viaEdge, a Korn/Ferry Learning Agility Assessment
  • Hogan Assessment Battery
  • Mentor Assessment Battery

In addition we have strategic alliances with coaching organizations designed to provide subject matter expertise and a roster of globally dispersed coaches to handle larger engagements.

We utilize in our practice and have certified thousands of HR professionals and development coaches in Korn/Ferry – Lominger’s competency-based, state-of-the-art LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® Suite of assessment, feedback, development tools and technologies.

We offer competency-based instructional design for training executives and managers in the Mentoring and Coaching process.

Whether outsourcing Coaching or building the internal capacity to Coach for performance and development we have the experience, network, processes and tools to deliver best in class programs consistently.   And we will work with you to develop program performance metrics that measure personal and organizational improvement.

Growth starts here.

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