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June 8th and 9th Certification in Korn Ferry’s new Assessment of Leadership Potential in Milwaukee

May 22nd, 2016

This new ‘whole person’ assessment has grown out of lessons learned from over 2.5 million assessments completed in the last 20 years from around the world. It is predicated on the notion that Executive success is multi-dimensional: It takes the right combination of intelligence, personality, experiences, ambition, leadership traits and social skills. All of which are measured in this assessment battery.


In this certification you will learn how KFALP measures The Seven Signposts of Leadership Potential so you can:

  • More accurately gauge long term leadership potential
  • Invest in talent that will most benefit from that investment
  • More accurately determine development needs
  • Be more confident in choosing the best candidate for selection or promotion
  • Improve the ROI on talent management


In this certification, through lecture and hands-on practice, you will learn:

  • To interpret the business need and best practices around identifying of leadership potential
  • The research foundations for The Seven Signposts
  • The research methodology and science behind the instrument
  • How to launch surveys and manage the administrative process
  • Analyze and interpret survey results at the individual, group and organizational level
  • How to engage individuals in personal feedback, development planning and on-going coaching


Who should attend?

  • Leadership Development Practitioners designing leadership programs
  • Coaches focused on leadership development
  • OD Practitioners focused on succession management
  • Note: Independent consultants and consulting organizations may only attend with a sponsoring client organization. Client sponsorship requires supporting documentation from the client organization, as well as a certified representative from the client organization. Contact Karen for more information prior to registration:


Personal and Professional Value:

Certification includes participation in personal participation in VOICES 360 assessment and receiving your own personal feedback. This process allows you to experience the assessment as both a learner and a coach.


Please note: Receiving in-person feedback before certification training is contingent registration by June 1st for VOICES® and completion of the assessments by the stated deadlines.

For more information or to register please email or call Michael Harper, , 414-305-6099.

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