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June 21st & 22nd… Korn Ferry Leadership Architect VOICES 360 Public Certification

April 15th, 2016

Competencies have been around for over 20 years largely unchanged while the world of business has become more complex, faster and truly global. It was time for an update. Korn Ferry Leadership Architect® (KFLA) is a refinement of Lominger, PDI and Global Novations competency libraries and a thorough review of leadership research to create a library of behaviors critical to success in the 21st century.


The new KFLA VOICES provides a customizable, easy to administer and cost effective means by which to collect multi-rater assessment and deliver high impact feedback on the new KFLA competencies and Stallers and Stoppers. Either Leadership Architect® 101 or Korn Ferry Leadership Architect® is a pre-requisite to attending a KFLA VOICES certification.


When VOICES is coupled with the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential® you have a powerful tool to assess observable behavior and internal capabilities and capacities that fully engage a career-minded high potential in long-term personal growth and development.


In this certification, through lecture and hands-on practice, you will learn:

  • To interpret the business need and best practices for implementing multi-rater assessment
  • Set-up and administration of the VOICES process
  • How to interpret VOICES reports and prepare for feedback
  • The psychology of receiving feedback
  • Analyze and interpret survey results at the individual, group and organizational level
  • How to engage individuals in personal feedback, development planning and on-going coaching
  • How to best implement a VOICES program as part of a competency-based HR system in your organization


Who should attend?

  • Leadership Development Practitioners designing leadership programs
  • Coaches focused on leadership development
  • HR Generalists who are continuing their general HR education in talent management
  • Note: Independent consultants and consulting organizations may only attend with a sponsoring client organization. Client sponsorship requires supporting documentation from the client organization, as well as a certified representative from the client organization. Contact Karen for more information prior to registration:


VOICES Assessment and Two-day Workshop Fee: $ 2995


Date: June 21st & 22nd, 2016

Location: in Milwaukee, TBA


Personal and Professional Value:

Both certifications include participation in assessment and receiving your own individual KF Assessment of Leadership Potential® or VOICES feedback. This process allows you to experience the assessment as both a learner and a coach.


Please note: Receiving in-person feedback before either certification training is contingent upon registration by April 22nd for VOICES® and completion of the assessments by the stated deadlines.


For more information or to register please email or call Michael Harper, , 414-305-6099.

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