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Organization Design Consulting

Organization Design Consulting

We thrive on serving great leaders who are building great organizations to deliver shareholder value.

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing organizations engaged in competitive markets is using their management structure to competitive advantage.  Developing strategy is easy.  Creating the optimal structure to execute that strategy successfully is the challenge.  We help you ask and answer the difficult questions…

  • How many levels of management does it take to deliver the new strategy?  How many do you have?
  • Does your management structure enable or inhibit innovation?
  • Is each work level doing increasingly complex work that should only be done at that level?
  • Are people clear about where their authority begins and ends related to the level above and level below?

Research and our experience shows structural over-layering of non-value adding work, lack of accountability for innovation across the hierarchy, high frustration with lack of role clarity and ultimate authority.   Innovation and execution are not just managed activities, they are structurally managed systems that determine competitiveness and ability to generate shareholder value.  Too many layers, poor level-to-level role alignment and ill-defined accountability design all undermine your ability to consistently innovate, execute and ultimately, create a wealth-building enterprise.

We can help.

How?  By partnering with you to facilitate:

  • Management Structure Analysisa review of the number of layers, the work at layer, how work aligns and cascades between layers, and the accountability and authority to fully execute the work
  • Optimal Structure Designthe application of proprietary research, models and processes to help you create the most efficient and effective management structure design
  • Role Profile Design the application of research-based principles of optimal work placement, accountability, authority and resources assignment; and the selection of level-appropriate performance metrics
  • Building Organizational Capabilitythe assessment and development of the organization effectiveness capabilities needed to deliver the strategy and execute your business plan

Through our direct work and our strategic alliances we are able leverage proprietary research, software and processes to create the optimal management structure to drive innovation, execution and enterprise performance, year after year.


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