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High Potential Identification and Development

Identify and Retain Your Talent

It is hard to know who has executive potential based on performance in a managerial role.  Research shows organizations get it right half the time. We can greatly impact those odds through a combination of interviews and assessment.  Equally important is knowing how to develop and prepare the to succeed once promoted.

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Leadership Development Offsites

Motivate Your Team

Re-energize your team by giving them space to talk, problem-solve and focus. Our offsite experiences are created using your objectives built around experiences and activities designed to stimulate deep conversations and remove roadblocks.  Half-day, full day and overnight offsites are available.

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Leadership Coaching

Grow Your Managers

Years of research proves that most people are promoted into leadership or management positions because they have strong technical and interpersonal skills.  Every promotion, from individual contributor to executive requires a set of new skills that do not come naturally, and most struggle to develop as quickly as expected. Too many organizations wait to address these issues until there are problems. Supporting the promoted leader with development-focused coaching as part of their transition reduces the risks and quickens success in the new role.  Get in touch to learn about our affordable coaching services that vary by level of management.